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Daily Astrology Wednesday September 15

Read yesterday’s entry again. Today is much the same but eases as the Moon moves into Libra. This brings up our emotional need for relationship and socializing with others, for balance, beauty and harmony.

The Libra moon energy will also make it easier for us to maintain a balanced view of all the negativity and judgmental pain in and around us, so that we can more easily see it for what it really is, and not as the real true “us”. It is not.

We are not our pain, or fear. We are not bad or good for that matter. We are not right or wrong, we just are.

Then we add our qualities, choices and feelings, thoughts and actions. We can change. We can recreate ourselves and we can choose how to use and express what we and who we are. We are not stuck, and we are not victims, except of our belief that we are!

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