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Daily Astrology Wednesday March 23

Daily Astrology Wednesday March 23Today Venus also moves into Aries (with the Sun) and so for the next month will be a much more open, active and alive expression of love, sexuality, pleasure and the energy to just do it, to jump in, especially into pleasure!This with Mars connecting in Aquarius makes for a hot time in the city for the next two weeks. There is also high energy to get sexuality and loving energies flowing together, enhancing each other. It is also definitely a time to experiment, play and get kinky, whatever that means to you.With all of that the Moon has moved into Virgo for a few days and this brings up lots of self criticism and self judgment as well as deep insecurities, so is more of a challenge offering more gifts when you are also opening your heart and sexuality. More on this in the Sex & Relationships section of this website! 2005 Tomas GregoryVisit tomasgregory.com for Daily Astrology for your personal astrology sign, as printed every weekday in The Aspen Times newspaper.

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