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Daily Astrology Wednesday March 2

Daily Astrology Wednesday March 2

There is magical flow and inspiration in the Cosmos today so open yourself to it – to Life, love, beauty and the perfect flow of the Universe.

You will also be feeling a new, deeper level of stability and security, mentally, within all the emotional flow. It’s like your mind and feelings are sharing the same space and respecting each other so you can “feel” your thinking and think your feelings.

Part of the revolution includes a revolution in your value system, especially spiritual and human values, compassion and opening to the world at large, to humanity as a single entity in its challenge of Life and growth. Don’t be afraid, in that, to also be open to and feel the horror within that – war, death, destruction, separation and all the rest of it, and see how you can diminish and end that in your life!

© 2005 Tomas Gregory

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