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Daily Astrology Tuesday September 7

Venus moves into the sign of Leo for a month, bringing us all great love and value through our creative efforts, our honor and loyalty, our fun and childlike innocence and playfulness.

Mind you – for many people it will be an orgy of attention seeking drama!! Avoid these people like the plague!!

Today is again very emotionally intense and this is triggering emotional growth and expansion.

Just as we start 2 weeks of healing we also – not coincidentally but very purposefully – begin 2 weeks of core intensity, challenging our power and power issues and games, abuse to us or by us, to ourselves and/or others. It focuses us, as part of our healing process, to get clear about all these power possibilities and to get clear and clean and integrous about what we are doing with power in our lives so we use it creatively.

© 2004 Tomas Gregory