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Daily Astrology Tuesday March 8

Daily Astrology Tuesday March 8

The Moon joins the Sun and two other planets in Pisces for a few days thus bringing LOTS of Pisces energy to the forefront And immersing us in the Cosmic Ocean, or for many people, the Loony Sea!!

Pisces rules spirituality and mystical awareness at a high level, but also rules madness, drugs and alcohol at a low vibration, with art and film in between. So make your pick – get high on life or on drugs, but the next few days will be quite mind altering ad reality bending one way or another!

You will be feeling very intuitive with other people and it’s a great time to talk and share for that reason, as there will be much more info passed along than just the words.

Be open to quirky funky ideas and visions today. Take a step or two back and assess where you are up to.

© 2005 Tomas Gregory

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