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Daily Astrology Monday September 6

The Sun is in Virgo still, and the Moon in Gemini. This can be an interesting combo where you are critical but with a sense of humor and amusement!

Its a very intense day emotionally and may involve emotional outbursts and attacks and power games. You can use your intensity to see through the b.s. to the core of issues and to do so with a fine appreciation of the Cosmic joke operating in your situation.

When you can laugh at your own pain and drama you have already defeated it, and won! Practicing doing just that will stand you in good stead over the coming 2 weeks because you will be experiencing much healing energy flowing in and through you. That can bring some painful material to the surface, especially old tapes of self-judgment and self-recrimination, condemnation and blame, shame and guilt and these tapes must be heard and erased as a conscious choice.

2004 Tomas Gregory.

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