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Daily Astrology Monday September 27

As I said in the Weekly Horoscope, this week is a remarkably calm one compared to what we have all been going through! It is also in many ways a cosmic R&R time to take it easy, catch up and rejuvenate ourselves, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, so give yourself as much of a holiday and as much indulgence, fun and pleasure as you can!We are approaching the Full Moon and you will find the lessons for each sign in Daily Astrology on tomasgregory.com as the week progresses. Currently the Sun is in Libra and the Moon in Pisces so there is real care and concern for people and for humanity.The BIG News is that Jupiter and Mars have moved into Libra for 13 months and 6 weeks respectively and this brings a year of great growth, expansion and focus on personal and social relationships. For Libras in particular it is an amazing year of take-off to a whole new level, but all signs will get great personal bounty with it. 2004 Tomas Gregory. Visit tomasgregory.com for personal Daily Astrology.