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Daily Astrology Monday September 20

With the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Sagittarius we have an interesting energy combo. One way it will likely play out is to be taking a very critical look at life. Another is to be seeking a bigger more comprehensive picture that can embrace the criticisms and impurities in some way that is meaningful.

I love the Buddhist saying that “A broken cup is a perfect broken cup” and I add “and a total failure at being an unbroken cup!” In other words what is it that is PERFECT and valuable about your “faults” and “mistakes”? It just might be that everything is perfect!! lolol

As well we are in the grip of some cosmically beautiful and romantic visions for life and love.

There continues to be much energy of rage and passion about. Use it to move, to break through but be aware it can be explosive and destructive. Careful on the roads! As well this is forcing us to seek deeper answers and meaning to our current life questions.

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