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Daily Astrology Monday February 21

Daily Astrology Monday February 21

The Sun has moved into Pisces and the Moon into Leo. What a combination! The Pisces part of us seeks ego dissolving so as to melt into the Universe, the great mystery of Life. It seeks to serve and to lose our separate identities in the ocean of humanity. Leo is so the opposite, seeking self-individuation, growing our sense of ego and personality, seeking to tend to our own needs to the point of selfishness and insensitivity.

The challenge is obvious: to find a mid-point, balance, where both needs get served without one overwhelming the other, because both are necessary for a full expression of ourselves.

This week brings revolution in our spirituality along with considerable mental confusion. We literally are pushed to “go out of our minds” so as to find bigger solutions and visions, and so we can hopefully experience reality past the limited mental / logical perspective.

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