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Daily Astrology Friday November 5

Daily Astrology Friday November 5

A very complex day. You will be feeling somewhat “spacey” and need to know that you are very susceptible to drugs and alcohol today. You are also emotionally very connected with the ideals of love and value that are driving you and that you are experiencing.

Mercury moves into Sagittarius for a month so your mind will be drawn to big issues of life, the universe and everything. It will also be drawn to legal and cultural matters.

You are dissolving ego boundaries over the next week and may feel strange… reality may not seem so real. Its not – as the Buddhists say, life is a dream. So you get to see what you have been dreaming and to rewrite the script if you so choose.

The Moon moves into Virgo tomorrow and is there Sunday. Don’t be too hard on yourself as you take a critical look at things. Have a great weekend.

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