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Daily Astrology Friday March 25

Daily Astrology Friday March 25

The Full Moon is approaching and today we are really challenged heavily about where we are and are not and will be rather critical in that evaluation, so if you give yourself 30 out of 100 you can be pretty sure that you actually deserve at least 60 out of 100!

The weekend will be much more enjoyable, and softer, with the Moon in Libra, so get out and socialize with friends over good food and wine, let go and have some fun. The Full Moon challenge is “Me or the Group”… learning where to draw the line between you, your needs and desires, boundaries and limits and the group, and both are needed… to be a separate individual and to be part of a group that you belong to and identify with, so pay attention to getting all that working for you the way you want it to.

© 2005 Tomas Gregory

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