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Daily Astrology Friday July 16

As they say, from today it is on for young and old. Venus opposes Pluto for the next two weeks or so and this will stir up some deep and very intense feelings and maybe actions. It opens us to old heartache, to our deep need for love and to be loved. It can sure stir up feelings of great passion, obsession and jealousy.

It also opens doors to huge sexual passion as well, and with that to ideal fantasies and dreams of the perfect love and lover.

All this can be played out in healthy ways that take us deep, open and heal us, lead us to deeper levels of our power. It can also be played out in unconscious ways where we find aspects of our psyche that are not pretty at all and that we must confront, own and reclaim again.

All of this is forming in the sky as a Mystic Rectangle so be open to and ask for magic and cosmic guidance, protection and support. With this energy you can have magnificent openings and realizations, awakenings and growth with your love, power, passion, intensity, spirit, mind… is anything left out? Seems like not. Seems like this can take us all to a much higher and better, clearer and more loving passionate place in life. Sweet.

And IF crap also comes up or manifests, do not fear it… it is showing you where you need to love and claim your whole Self. And with the Moon now in Cancer it is easier to nurture and love ourselves and get that with others.

Have a great (and powerful) weekend. Watch out for road ragers too!

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