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Dagger drivers

As construction proceeds, it is becoming obvious just how huge and ugly the midvalley freeway is. That thing looks almost evil.

You’d think Trapani and Ireland could go to their graves happy knowing that they’ve paved over and permanently ruined almost half the valley floor. But no; they and their henchmen on the City Council are determined to drive a dagger straight into Aspen’s heart.

Ireland is easy to understand … simple megalomania. God did such a lousy job designing Colorado that Ireland has to make it over to look like some fakey architect’s rendering.

The downvalley commuters don’t care if he four-lanes and strip-malls all of Pitkin County. They just want to get in, get their money and get out as fast as possible. Probably the only happy thought of their commute is that their exhaust emissions are killing the people who live in Aspen.

The three T’s are a little harder to figure. I don’t know if they despise Aspen or are just terminally stupid. Probably both.

Richard Gordon


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