Dad’s valuable lesson |

Dad’s valuable lesson

Dear Editor:One of the most memorable nights with my father was about four years ago, when I was in fifth grade. It was late, maybe 12 in the morning, my dad woke me up and asked me to follow him out to the living room. Sitting on the couch was my little sister, Grace, yawning at the early morning wake-up. In my father’s hands were a yellow flashlight and a box of cookies. He opened the back sliding door and walked outside. I followed him curiously, wondering what he might be up to. On our trampoline were four heavy blankets set up nicely, just enough room for three people. My dad rolled onto the tramp and told us to get on as well. We all bundled up in the blankets and he began to talk.”Look at the stars, girls, aren’t they amazing?” he said. “How small do you think we are compared to all of them up in space?”We were silent. I continued to stare at the open land and the stars rising above it.”You see how lucky we are, to see this any night we want to? Not many kids can do that,” he continued his lesson for us.We were outside for another hour or so before my dad said it was time for us to go to sleep. He picked us up and put us into our beds.”I just want you to know how much I love you girls; don’t forget that, all right?” He shut off the lights and walked away.All I can remember thinking after that is how amazing my father really was. I was confused at why he was giving us a life lesson at such a young age, but now I realize that every day I spent with my dad, the more I learned about how precious life is. Every day he taught me something new, whether it to be a great skill, or a random fact about World War II – there was always something. My father was not perfect, but then again, who is? I loved him more than life, and I will continue to love him. Bruce Sinclair is well known throughout our entire valley, and I know so many are going to miss him as much as I do. And now every time I look at the stars, I’ll think of him, and that night he taught me something really special.Sara SinclairBasalt