Cyclists ignore the rules |

Cyclists ignore the rules

Dear Editor:

I keep reading about bikers crying about limited use of trails in the wilderness areas of our valley, and it seems they don’t understand how their misuse hurts our mountain forests. Biking is a wonderful sport but not all bikers follow the rules that are established to protect what nature has given us!

The same applies to the roads in our valley where bikers don’t pay attention to “share the road” signs that are posted on our roads. While driving I have come upon bikers riding “no hands” and wonder what would happen if that rider hits a stone and falls in front of me? Millions have been spent on the bike trail from Aspen to Glenwood Springs and are usually empty but our highways have many bikers on them and I wonder why.

You ride to stay in condition so why ride where you are inhaling exhaust fumes? I remember when the trail was being built the cry from bikers was “we are in training,” so don’t you think it’s time to take the training wheels off?

Chris Tessem


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