Cut down on tickets |

Cut down on tickets

Dear Editor:

Here is some free advice for the over-budget-in-the-red-overtime-suffering Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office (“Officers piling up overtime hours and pay,” Nov. 12). Don’t worry about ticketing the HOV lane. The HOV lane is so bass- ackward (no typo there) and pointless. It basically sets up a drag race of dump truck verses dumbass talking on the phone ” going 8 mph under the posted speed limit.

Since I started driving some 21 years ago, it has always been taught to drive in the right lane and pass in the left lane. Every HOV lane that I have seen is a third or fourth lane located in the center of other lanes, and alternates direction. I can not wait for the new Maroon Creek bridge completion so it can be one lane with Bus Rapid Transit B.S. I cannot see any profit margin in having a deputy working overtime, issuing a 40- or 50-some-odd-dollar ticket. Just my thoughts, and hell what do I know?

John Norman


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