Customers deserved rebates |

Customers deserved rebates

Your editorial of Dec. 27 regarding the 2.5 percent Snowmass marketing tax was way off the mark.

As one of the disgruntled customers that had paid in full by Dec. 1, you failed to recognize that the marketing charge was, first-off, in direct violation of contract law, which states that contracts cannot be amended unless there is an agreement by both parties.

The Snowmass Town Council decided that the additional tax would be passed along to renters notwithstanding the terms of their rental contracts. Beyond that fundamental oversight, it was simply another example of the town trying to gouge the visitor for fees that the Town Council is unable to raise on its own, due to a lack of fiscal discipline or proper business strategy.

Instead of telling the lodging community that it missed a customer relations opportunity, it should applaud them for trying to fight for their customers’ contractual rights. In fact, that behavior is the way to keep a customer satisfied and coming back for more (classic marketing tenet).

And if the Town Council wants to recoup the missing 6 percent, how about raising property taxes?

Susan Schreiber

New York, N.Y.

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