Custom X DCP isn’t just for ninja riders |

Custom X DCP isn’t just for ninja riders

Back in ninth grade, I saved enough money from lawn-mowing jobs and my weekly allowance to throw down for my first snowboard – a beautiful, sparkling Jim Rippey custom model that had a buxom redheaded nurse on the bottom swinging atop a grinning, waxing crescent moon.It was love at first shred.

Since then, I’ve always been a Burton guy when it comes to boards. I owned other Rippeys in college and high school, and up until last winter, rode a tasty Jussi Oksanen pro model. I loved each of those decks, but I have to say none of them compare to my new Custom X DCP 160 – the Bentley of all-mountain shred sticks.As the salesman at D&E told me at Snowmass when I bought it, Burton only made a very limited number of the boards this season, making it the custom model of the Custom X’s.The only difference between the DCP pro model (DCP is the acronym for French Canadian pro David Carrier Porcheron) and the standard Custom X’s is cosmetic. The DCP has signature graphics on the bottom that were designed by Carrier Porcheron’s friend Lane Whiteside and integrate DCP’s two loves – snow and surf – into the design.Still, the signature graphics are what make the DCP model superior to the mass-produced line of Custom X’s. You can’t even buy the signature board on Burton’s website (, and I haven’t seen another one in the valley this season.

Lucky me.Not only does the board look slick, but the ride is the smoothest, lightest and most pleasurable I’ve ever experienced, regardless of whether I’m in the halfpipe or gliding through fresh in the trees.The weightless feeling is a result of new Vaporskinô technology – a lightweight membrane used in the board’s wood-core construction – that supposedly decreases the deck’s weight by as much as a half pound. Supposedly, Burton took cues from NASA in developing the technology.

And, as Burton’s website says: “Less materials between you and the mountain means that, like Stevie Wonder at the Playboy Mansion, you begin to feel your way through terrain with newfound intuition.”For 650 bucks, you also get “lightning speed, spring-loaded pop and ninja agility.”Whether riding the thing makes me a bonafide ninja, I’m not sure – although I have noticed a few frightened looks from fellow riders when they see my razor-sharp new deck in the lift line.Even those with other high-end rides. They know their boards are no match for the DCP – and my lethal turns.

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