Curry rises above two-party politicking |

Curry rises above two-party politicking

Dear Editor:

It is no wonder that the more extreme Democratic apparatchiks become unglued by House candidate Kathleen Curry and do their best to throw spikes and nails in front of her campaign bus. As a former Democrat, she has proven herself out of control, meaning, literally, out of (Democratic handlers’) control.

In her former position in the Statehouse, she defied leadership when introducing a bill that would provide information to legislators regarding the costs of new health care coverage mandates. It wasn’t that she opposed all new mandates – it’s that she opposed hiding the cost information from the members of the Legislature, the public and the press.

She could not swallow the deceit, even for the party.

She was treated poorly and left the party. The leadership stripped her of her Agriculture Committee chairmanship, where she was an acknowledged expert. The leadership replaced her with a Democrat who while knowing nothing about agriculture understood from where his bread was buttered. His was a pliant nature.

The extreme faction of the Republican Party has been known to play the game in a similar way, but this wasn’t their ballgame.

Curry’s mortal sin is that she is a free thinker in a political world of bitterly partisan teams.

And aren’t most of us unaffiliateds driven to our “party” by that same lack of compliance? We unaffiliateds must by definition have kinship with Curry. We are where we are because both major parties are too rigid, doctrinaire, hysterical, power hungry and populated by politicians who for the most part will do anything to remain in power.

If we unaffiliateds just vote for the unaffiliated candidate, our candidate wins. By a landslide. If we don’t, we turn our backs on a truly excellent candidate who recalls to us why we’re unaffiliated in the first place.

John Norton

Crested Butte

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