Curry lacks influence to lead |

Curry lacks influence to lead

Dear Editor:

I appreciate the opportunity to respond directly to Kathleen Curry’s letter (“Independents wield same influence as party members,” Aug. 27, 2012, The Aspen Times).

As Ms. Curry has pointed out, every representative in the state legislature is required to sit on at least one committee. That does not mean her opinion will be regarded with any weight on this one committee, or that she will be offered any sort of chair position on this committee, or any other committee.

The thought that Ms. Curry would be able to gain any position of influence on a committee is extremely unlikely. She has no caucus or weight to pull. I’m afraid she has simply burned too many bridges at the capitol. While she touted her seat on the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee she failed to mention that when she abruptly left the Democratic Party she also left her position as the committee chair, which was a crucial position to our rural district. We also need to consider the fact that Ms. Curry would be term limited at this point to just one term, making her even less effective.

Ms. Curry’s next point, that she would be voting and thus important, is obvious. I would expect my representative to vote – this is why they are elected. Personally, I do not want to be surprised by my candidate’s votes, or have their votes withheld to fulfill some uncertain agenda.

Ms. Curry’s idea that she would be a sought after swing vote frankly sounds egotistical to me. I want a representative who is working for our district’s interests, not bartering for votes. And yes, while one party has control of the house, their ideology on certain issues will inevitably prevail, which is why it is important to have a representative who knows how to work with others, as well as one who secures a democratic majority.

By no means has a campaign taken a “negative” turn when the electorate gets to look into the leadership qualities of the candidates. In the last few years, Ms. Curry has had an incredibly short tenure as executive director of the proposed Art Center Project at Mt. Crested Butte, as well as a brief position with the Gunnison Arts Center. At a certain point you have to stop blaming everyone else when things don’t go your way and figure out how to compromise and work with people to come up with the best solution.

Legislation is about compromise. The people in our district deserve a leader who is going to continue to work hard for them and not just quit under frustrating circumstances. This is why Dr. Millie Hamner is the best choice for District 61. Dr. Hamner’s long term commitment to the Western Slope, her experience as a school teacher and superintendent, and her experience as an effective legislator in the State House of Representatives make her a reliable and insightful leader for our district. If there is anything a school teacher knows ,it’s how to play well with others.

Jeremy Rubingh

Crested Butte

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