Curry is nobody’s puppet |

Curry is nobody’s puppet

Dear Editor:

Due to parliamentary procedure, Kathleen Curry, the incumbent for State House District 61, is running as a “write-in” candidate; her name will not appear anywhere on the ballot. As one of her supporters, I frequently hear the argument that a vote for her is a wasted vote that will only pull votes from whichever candidate the other side of the conversation supports. What this tells me is that despite Ms. Curry’s status as a write-in candidate, she is, indeed, a real candidate, feared by both parties. Do not compare her situation to that of Ralph Nader in the 2000 presidential election. She already has a track record for this position, and she is hugely popular. And, if yard signs are an indicator of success, Kathleen is winning in Gunnison County and many parts of Pitkin County.

Unlike most candidates for any office in this election, Kathleen chose her unaffiliated status so as to not be obligated to the party politics that all of us, regardless of affiliation, are finding so disillusioning. As an independent candidate, Kathleen is free to vote her conscience, not the pocketbooks of party supporters. The only way to diminish special interests in our political system is to start supporting candidates who are not “bought and paid for”.

So, if you are inclined to vote for her, but worried that your vote won’t count, vote for your candidate and not against someone else’s. When you vote for our representative from District 61 at the State House, you won’t see her name on the ballot, so go to “Write In” at bottom of the list, fill in (don’t just check) the box and write “Kathleen Curry.”

Anne Rickenbaugh


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