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What do you get when you put two oddballs like Bobcat Goldthwait and Robin Williams together? Well, not exactly an odd movie, but one with a most unusual tone. In “World’s Greatest Dad,” written and directed by Goldthwait, Williams plays Lance Clayton, an English teacher, wannabe writer, and father to the Kyle, the world’s most sullen and unlikable teen. When Kyle finally hits the exploding point, Lance exploits his son’s memory in service of his own literary ambitions. It’s surreal and improbable, and the mix of lighthearted comedy and darkness can be difficult to reconcile. But Williams, of all actors, makes it palatable, even warm. “World’s Greatest Dad” is at the Wheeler Opera House Monday through Wednesday, Oct. 19-21.

Pittsburgh’s Rusted Root had an improbably big moment for a groove-rock band in 1995, when “Send Me On My Way” become a hit, and found its way not only onto radio, but also the soundtrack of multiple kids-oriented movies (“Ice Age,” “Matilda”). The band, led by singer Michael Glabicki, has been hanging around ever since, with an album here, a Bonnaroo appearance there – and a decent performance last winter at a free show in downtown Aspen. Rusted Root has its first album in seven years, “Stereo Rodeo,” and a tour that hits Belly Up on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

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