Curb the ‘referendum rabbits’ |

Curb the ‘referendum rabbits’

Dear Editor:OK, when is enough enough? I refer of course to the “referendum rabbits,” that group of people who every time they don’t like the results of an election, lose on an issue, or want to create chaos, they start a petition drive for another election to get their own way. And those petitions and referendums just keep multiplying!I must admit that I do embrace our democratic system and the right of the minority to be heard, but this constant reproduction cycle of petitions and referendums, at taxpayer cost, is sickening.So, I have a very simple and viable option!I want a referendum that requires the costs of verification and elections for that referendum (after mine, of course) to be borne by the referendum creators and every person who signs the petition.Why should the rest of us have to bear the brunt of the city clerk’s valuable time being spent on verification, and the exorbitant costs of an election, when those who want it can pay for it and stop bilking the rest of us!Or better yet, let’s just let Toni, Bert, and the other “referendum rabbits” put up a bond to cover those costs before we accept another damn petition or referendum.This act will certainly curb their appetite for “referendum reproduction.” This way, they can truly put their money where their mouths are!Bennett A. BramsonSnowmass


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