Cuba, Iraq and baseball |

Cuba, Iraq and baseball

Dear Editor:”The Bush administration will not allow Cuba’s national baseball team to participate in next year’s World Baseball Classic, a World Cup-style event organized by Major League Baseball, U.S. representatives said Wednesday.” – The Mercury News, Google News, Dec. 15, 2005.Have you ever wondered why the U.S. government refuses to talk to Castro? I’m confused, what is the threat posed by this man, and I believe that it is just the man that keeps the governments apart. How dangerous can it be to open communications and welcome Cuba and its people into the world arena? Other than a couple of semiannual rants about capitalism (being quietly practiced in the back streets of every Cuban community) and a celebration of the day the young revolutionary ousted Batista, what would it hurt to drop this pointless blockade?We are politically and economically joined at the hip with every country once considered our archenemy. Germany, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, and once we restore western order to Iraq, they will join the fold as longtime trade partners. Why do we insist on isolating the Cubans? Give me a break, let ’em play baseball. But the request to ban the Cubans came from a congressman in Miami. Hmmm, let the Cubans play, lose Florida in the next election? Help your little brother? Tell me again why we are supposed to hate Cuba?Moving on …George II (known in my house as “Smirky”) is crossing the nation defending his decision-making process, defending his employees, defending himself, now that he finally gets it that people think all those things suck! The closer the Valerie Plame issue gets to the Oval Office, the more responsive he seems to be. He’s actually doing the talking himself. However, if you close your eyes and imagine him sitting on Karl Rove’s knee, with Rove’s hand up the back of his coat, the picture improves. Congressman Murtha has opened a door here, maybe even a floodgate. I like it. For better or worse, it’s dialogue, not the monologue of the indignant leadership. It still doesn’t make any sense; he says if he had to make the decision again, he’d make the same one … Think about it, he’s not sure how many Iraqis have died, he never mentions how many thousands of our troops now have prosthetic limbs or a seeing-eye dog, or no home or job because being in the military qualifies you for welfare.I heard a lady ask him how he can justify our actions when the reasons given for going to war have been proven false. His response was that he’d make the same decision. Which leads us to believe Michael Moore, the war was inevitable. The shame of it is we are stuck for the rest of his term. Is Smirky a good reason to look into reform?I’ll bet any money that in a couple years the Iraq national baseball team will be invited to the tournament.Randy DaySnowmass

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