Cruisin’ into the summer |

Cruisin’ into the summer

Jill Beathard
The Aspen Times

One of my favorite summer pastimes has begun.

No it’s not camping or hiking or even mountain biking, although I’ve done a bit of that too.

It’s Tuesday Cruiseday.

Last, ahem, Tuesday, a couple dozen Aspenites took our bikes out of storage, gathered on Hopkins Avenue and at the sound of a whistle started cruising down the street, a single peloton of color and noise.

While last week we kept it relatively short, the group usually rides for a couple hours, with breaks at three stops around town. The stops vary based on season, but the purpose is all the same — to catch up, chill out and get outside.

It’s the perfect combination, really: a bit of exercise, lots of socializing, fresh air and good, old-fashioned fun, capped off with an awesome sunset and maybe a celebratory beer.

I recently learned that a group of Aspenites used to do something similar a couple decades ago. Theirs was more like a scavenger hunt, though. Clues were posted up on landmarks around town — one theme was the historic painted advertisements — and eventually everyone would end up at the bottom of Cemetery Lane for a picnic.

It makes me smile to think of another group of locals making heads turn as they cruised around town on their bikes, taking advantage of the safety and beauty of our streets and making their own fun. It was a good idea then, and it’s a good idea now.


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