Cruisin’ for a bruisin’ |

Cruisin’ for a bruisin’

Dear Editor:

I was cruising down the road on my one-speed cruiser bike with a bunch of friends at around 8 p.m. Tuesday (the day before the big bike race in Aspen). The streets were blocked off and empty, except for a couple of security guards.

As we slowly approached the barrier, the rent-a-cops started yelling and telling us to get on the sidewalk. Our group started going around the barrier on the sides into a completely empty street. The guards ran to the sides, so we started going through the middle.

Then something weird happened: The wannabe cops ran to the middle and started kicking at the riders, one picked up a barrier and tried to shove it on one of the riders. Then one of the security guards got in his car and started to threaten the riders with the car, swerving at them, almost hitting them. The real police were called, and when they got there, they arrested one of the riders without cause, no charges were filed, and the cops threatened to harass the riders in the future.

We are not associated with any group. We are peaceful, fun-loving, cruiser-riding people. We saw empty streets that had been blocked off for bikes. We are not racers, but we love riding our bikes just the same … well, maybe a little more slowly. We certainly were not endangering anyone, and we understand that people need to do their jobs; however, trying to hurt someone under the guise of trying to protect them is a strange concept to me.

The fact that the cops would go along with this … and in fact the next day, after all the racers had left town, I was harassed and assaulted by one of the same rent-a-cops. When the cops came, I was threatened to be arrested after I requested that charges be filed against the aggressors. Of course the cops would not say what the charges were, and there were all kinds of bikes and people walking all over the street, so I assume they have a personal problem with me, and their threats are blackmail to keep me quiet.

I hope anybody who rides a bike around town will not let these haters stop them from enjoying their rights and freedoms. I will be riding my bike around town every Tuesday around 6 or 7 p.m. at the corner of Hopkins and Monarch. Please come and join us. Our only goal is to have good, clean fun!

Cruise on, riders!



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