Crucial conversations |

Crucial conversations

I extend my thanks to several individuals and groups for their participation in the conversation of peace versus war.

Thank you, Tricia McKenzie, for your persistence and courage to cultivate the conversation in a manner that respects all people.

Thank you, Roaring Fork Peace Coalition, for supporting events for peace and for providing information and resources that all may consider. Thank you, Board of County Commissioners, for your courage to take a public stand for peace with your recent resolution against the pending war on Iraq.

Thank you, Sue Gray of Carbondale, for your courage and time to share all your research and first-hand experiences, especially regarding Iraq. And thank you to all the parties who organized the open forum in Basalt to discuss the potential war on Iraq.

The avenues for this conversation of peace versus war are vital for all of us at this time. Whatever our views are, these avenues allow us to be conscious about our views.

My intentions are for peace. The situation with Iraq and Saddam Hussein is real, with terrorists is real, and with North Korea is real. There are plenty of complicated details and information for all to consider. There are plenty of real facts and real potentials to consider.

And there are plenty of REAL LIVES – of our soldiers, of the Iraqi people, of ourselves – to consider. We have our personal feelings to consider. The reality of war at this time seeps into all our lives. However, the reality of peace also seeps into our lives at this time.

I am happy for the voices for peace and voices against the war from around the world. These voices for peace go out to Mr. President Bush and our leaders of the United States. These voices go out to the leaders around the world. It is important that our leaders hear these voices.

These voices for peace ALSO go out to Saddam Hussein, to terrorists, to North Korea. To these people, the voices for peace say “your designs for killing and violence are unacceptable.” Even these people who design war and hatred hear the loud voice for peace. Somewhere within them, they hear the peace.

The conversation for peace versus war is for all of us. We are one human species on this one Earth. We can injure the Earth and kill ourselves. Or we can come up with ways to take care of and respect our Earth and take care of and respect each other better.

The Earth will recover either way. But the question is, what quality of life do we create for our time here? The killing, the hatred, the threats and the fear in our history and today are real. But so is the peace. Peace is also powerful.

Thank you, again, to the local people who encourage the conversation for peace.

Frances T. Noone


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