Crowns need to step up |

Crowns need to step up

Dear Editor:Does the love of money have no limits? Well, I’m sure James and Paula Crown’s recent actions as detailed by Mel Blumental in the Snowmass Sun have reserved them a special place in one the greediest sections in Dante’s Inferno.Are the Crowns even involved in Skico? Look at John Norton’s speech published on Aspen Skiing Co.’s website: Norton details how he had to go to Jim Crown every time for a pay raise for the employees. Why do Jim and Paula Crown pay their employees at D&E $9.25/hour, lift-ops $10/hour and pay $69 to some instructors for a product Skico charges $625 and then allow Skico to defend it as a living wage?It would hardly matter except for this fact: The Crowns take $1 million from the American people in the form of a tax deduction by giving to an organization that promotes a living wage, the United Way.Paula and Jim Crown, the community has spoken: Walk the walk.John GalanteAspen

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