Crown Mountain needs proper funding |

Crown Mountain needs proper funding

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, midvalley voters will be presented with the opportunity to create and support an unprecedented plan for parks and recreation.

We need the dedicated funding for Crown Mountain’s long-term commitment to meet our community goals:

1. Create new recreational opportunities in the midvalley area.

2. Form partnerships with existing programs, such as Midvalley Trails, Basalt Recreation, Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers and other special districts, to promote areas within the district boundaries.

3. Develop diverse recreational opportunities at Crown Mountain Park (formerly Mount Sopris Tree Farm).

4. Enhance the integrity of the open space at Crown Mountain Park.

The only way we can be assured that our tax revenues stay on this side of Eagle County is to generate them locally and spend them locally under the control of a locally-based and elected board.

The citizens board is committed to better the future of parks and recreation for our citizens. We will exist only to work toward the safety and betterment of our community. Historically, counties do not fund recreation.

If the Crown Mountain Park and Recreation District relies on Eagle County funding to exist, that funding may come reluctantly and with strings attached from a county bureaucracy based 100 miles away.

If the project were to rely solely on Eagle County for its funding, the midvalley area will surely lose momentum and the vision that countless volunteers have worked toward for over 10 years.

If the project were to be piecemealed together it would take over 17 more years to complete; in the meantime costs will increase and buying power will decrease. Every year there will be small-scale construction or improvement projects.

The service plan for the district is premised on available funds to implement the plan in an efficient and comprehensive manner.

It’s time to take the lead for our families and our community. The Crown Mountain Park and Recreation District has been carefully developed by countless volunteer citizens, recreation experts and financial advisors to provide the best services for the money.

Check our Web site for detailed information:

We choose the midvalley as our home; why would we not choose to invest in our home community?

When voting on this issue it is critical to vote yes on all three initiatives. To vote for implementation without funding would be useless.

Vote yes on 4D, 4E and 4F. You’ll be glad you did.

Laurie Gish Soliday

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