Crocs with heels in bold spring colors |

Crocs with heels in bold spring colors

Hillary Burgess
Special to the Aspen Times Weekly

My friend Su Lum said she had something for me. Somehow between her mentioning that and the ensuing sentences, I came to believe that she was cooking corned beef and cabbage for me. These things happen when one person is hard of hearing and the other person’s ADHD meds have worn off. When I got to her house, she explained that she actually had a real present for me and my eyes opened wide when I saw it on her table.

My favorite color, for reasons I cannot understand, is olive. Yes, drab army green just soothes my soul. On the table was a pair of Mary Jane-style Crocs in beautiful olive green. Su must have seen my face and she quickly told me they weren’t for me. She had recently written a column about how excited she was about winter being over and being able to wear her Crocs. Somehow the column found its way to the Croc company, where someone got excited and sent her some sample shoes in her size, all in green shades.

Thus the coveted olive shoes. For her.

My envy ended quickly, however, when she handed me one of the other samples and watched as my jaw dropped and my heart simply stopped. I’m sure when the Crocs people sent Su the samples they had NO idea that she was a cute little old lady on oxygen with a bad back and absolutely cannot wear any size heel. My gain!

But look at the size of those heels! Would they really feel like a beloved, comfortable pair of the standard sandal? How could one pair of shoes be so adorable?

The color is amazing. I cannot understand why the most popular colors in cars are silver and white. You will never find just one single color on my always-painted toes. What’s the point of being blah (despite my attraction to a 60’s shade of green)? I can understand why a lot of shoes are brown (to not show dirt) but it doesn’t have to be that way all the time.

Check out the super colors at See for yourself what a real orange and a true pink should look like.

I stomped around Su’s house in my avocado sweat pants and admired my green shoes in her mirror. I wore them while we watched the first season of Arrested Development. I ate my corned beef and cabbage while strapped in. They were comfortable. They were sexy. No complaints from my sensitive lower back. They were everything a super shoe should be. But could these new treads pass the work test?

I am the office manager at the Pitkin County Landfill and while most of my time is behind a computer I often have to cover the gate and therefore need to be able to run outside to check incoming loads. Would the Crocs perform? Was it really possible that I could look fabulous at work behind my screen as well as out in the open air, up on a dump truck? Absolutely! These shoes rocked and we now have the hottest Solid Waste Center in the country.