Critical concerns for Base Village

In last weekend’s edition of the Aspen Times Weekly, Brent Gardner-Smith wrote an exceptional article reviewing the history and current status of the proposed Snowmass Base Village development project.

In that article Mr. Smith referred to some of my past letters to the editor concerning this same subject. The quote he used was out of context from the letter in which it was taken, and thus gave the incorrect impression that we have no concerns or reservations concerning such matters as density, vertical mass, scale, height, protection of view planes, town core transportation and connectivity, roads, intersection connections, construction phasing, employee housing and ski in/out access.

As correctly indicated in his article, we are generally pleased and in agreement with the findings and directions given to the Skico and Intrawest by the Snowmass Planning Commission and the Town Council. However, those findings and directions with which we are in agreement contain critical areas of concern as spelled out by the Planning Commission and the Town Council.

I thought it was clear in the letter from which my quote was taken and from many of my other letters to the editor on this subject that we share the same concerns regarding these topics as does the Planning Commission and Town Council, and we all expect these topics to be thoroughly addressed in detail during the Preliminary Plan Review and Approval process, which has just recently begun.

We have not signed off on any of these issues, and we expect to take a very active role in the dialogue concerning these very critical topics.

Notwithstanding this clarification, we commend Mr. Smith on his very informative article, and strongly suggest that everyone in this and surrounding communities read his article in print or on-line and take an active role in attending the public meetings and commenting on the critical topics that arise during the Preliminary Plan Review and Approval process.

The new Snowmass Base Village development project will have a significant impact on all full-time residents, second-home owners and guests for many years to come.

In order to insure that impact is positive for all of us, we must all actively participate in the review and approval process. Once the ship sails and construction begins you will have lost the opportunity to make the type of changes that will positively impact our quality of life in this community.

Mel D. Blumenthal

Enclave Homeowners Association

Snowmass Village