Redstone man charged with manufacturing pot concentrate

Jason Auslander
The Aspen Times

A 37-year-old man from the Crystal River Valley is facing felony charges for allegedly growing marijuana and converting it into concentrate, according to court documents.

Richard Fanguy, who lives off Highway 133 about midway between Carbondale and Redstone, was charged with processing or manufacturing marijuana or marijuana concentrate, distribution of marijuana, possession with intent to manufacture or distribute marijuana, cultivation of marijuana and two counts of child abuse.

Fanguy was advised of the charges against him Monday in District Court in Aspen.

Pitkin County sheriff’s investigators executed a search warrant at Fanguy’s home Aug. 27 and found 12.2 pounds of leaf and bud marijuana as well as the remnants of 104 harvested plants, 12 more plants growing in a backyard shed as well as equipment to manufacture marijuana concentrate, according to court documents.

An investigator asked Fanguy at the time how he got into the marijuana business, and he said, “Trying to support my family, man. … It was just a hobby, and then … .” the documents state.

Fanguy also told the investigator that he makes marijuana into a concentrate because it keeps longer and doesn’t spoil such as marijuana in plant form does, the documents state. He also said that deputies had “arrived at the worst time, as he had just harvested much of the marijuana,” according to the court documents.

Finally, Fanguy said he has two children who “used to visit,” the documents state.

The remnants of the 104 plants were found in two rooms in Fanguy’s basement that were rigged with grow lights, a watering system and venting ducts, the documents state. While just 4-foot stalks were left, investigators could still tell they were marijuana plants.

Investigators also found multiple empty plastic baggies labeled “Mental Floss” and a multi-layered bundle containing a brown substance believed to be marijuana concentrate that was “packaged in a fashion that would facilitate sale or transport for sale,” according to the documents.


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