More arrests but fewer MIPs at Aspen X Games this year |

More arrests but fewer MIPs at Aspen X Games this year

One spectator arrested for possession of LSD and another for ecstasy were among five people arrested over the weekend at this year’s Winter X Games, police said Monday.

However, while the total number of arrests rose from one last year to five this year, law enforcement officers handed out far fewer tickets this year for underage alcohol possession, said Alex Burchetta, spokesman for the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office.

A total of four X Games spectators younger than 21 were given tickets for minor in possession of alcohol or marijuana this weekend, he said. Eighteen MIPs were handed out last year, according to Sheriff’s Office statistics.

The difference this year was that plain-clothes, undercover officers from the Colorado Department of Revenue did not participate because of budgetary reasons, Burchetta said. Last year, seven such officers combed the crowd at X Games as well as tailgate parties at the Intercept Lot and other areas in town handing out MIPs, he said.

Another possible reason for the decreased amount of MIP tickets was the weather, which was frigid both Friday and Saturday and likely kept tailgating to a minimum, Burchetta said.

Eleven X Games adult spectators were taken to the county’s detox facility during the four-day event, he said.

The two felony drug arrests both occurred Saturday, according to police reports.

First, at about 4:30 p.m., deputies arrested Thomas Rigby, 21, of Boise, Idaho, after he attempted to enter the X Games venue at Buttermilk Mountain with a baggie containing two pills, a report states.

“Rigby told (a police officer) it was ‘Molly,’ otherwise known as MDMA,” according to the report.

Rigby was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Three hours later, Nicholas Andujo, 19, of League City, Texas, tried to enter with two plastic baggies, one containing an unknown substance and another containing two marijuana joints, according to a police report. Andujo admitted the unknown substance on a piece of paper was LSD, according to the report and Burchetta.

Andujo was charged with underage possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance.

The other three arrests included a 38-year-old Basalt man who allegedly assaulted another person on a bus at the Intercept Lot; a 24-year-old Carbondale man charged with harassment, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest; and another man charged with violating a protection order by drinking alcohol, according to police reports.

Aspen city police officers also were busier than normal last weekend, according to police reports. Officers cited three drivers for DUI, one man for fighting at Belly Up, another man for trespassing at Red Onion and two women for theft, according to reports.

In total, law enforcement officers at X Games contacted 225 people for alcohol issues, 103 people for marijuana issues and four people for other drugs, according to statistics released by the Sheriff’s Office.