Basalt police deploy Taser to subdue man after he allegedly swung chair at cop |

Basalt police deploy Taser to subdue man after he allegedly swung chair at cop

A Basalt Police Officer deployed his Taser gun Thursday afternoon after an unruly man allegedly swung a chair at him outside a busy restaurant in Willits, according to Police Chief Greg Knott.

The officer used one cycle of the Taser on the suspect.

“It brought him under control and (the officer) was able to get him in handcuffs,” Knott said.

Basalt police were called to Willits Town Center at 2:22 p.m. on two reports of disorderly males — one who had fallen into a construction fence and cut his head and another of a different man harassing people about one block away from where the first man was injured. Knott said officers found both men belligerent after apparently drinking during the afternoon. They had gone their separate ways and ran into trouble.

The injured man was uncooperative with police. He was taken into protect custody and taken by ambulance to Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs for treatment of his head cut.

The second man allegedly exposed himself to a 15-year-old girl and was yelling at other people. Once subdued outside a restaurant at 3:13 p.m., he was also taken to Valley View Hospital as a precaution after the Taser was deployed, Knott said. He was going to be transported to Eagle County Jail once he was checked at the hospital.

The arrested man’s name wasn’t immediately available Thursday afternoon. He will be charged with indecent exposure and attempted second-degree assault on a police officer, Knott said.

While officers and ambulances crews were attending to the belligerent men, another call went out for a report of a gas smell in the building that houses Mezzaluna and Capitol Creek Brewery in Willits. Roaring Fork Fire Rescue evacuated the building, checked the smell, determined there was no danger and allowed people to re-enter.