Basalt man hit with felony charge |

Basalt man hit with felony charge

A Basalt man was charged with felony assault Sunday after he allegedly attacked a man who works on his property, according to court documents.

Gary Williams, 59, admitted to a Pitkin County sheriff’s deputy that he hit the man “after losing his temper,” according to an affidavit filed in Pitkin County District Court.

He said the dispute between the two men stemmed from a dispute over work the man was supposed to perform on Williams’ company vehicles as part of his lease of a barn on Williams’ property, the affidavit states. Williams said the other man “marched towards him as he got out of the car,” and Williams told him “he needed to get back in the car and stop sending him emails,” according to the court document.

The victim told the deputy that Williams began “screaming” curses and arguing about the emails, then approached him and punched him below the eye without provocation, the affidavit states. The man’s girlfriend told the deputy that the victim hit his head on the back of his vehicle after he was hit by Williams.

The victim had a cut below his right eye with blood running down his cheek, while Williams had a cut on his right hand.

The victim initially declined an ambulance ride to Aspen Valley Hospital, though he later went to the emergency room for treatment, the affidavit states. A physician’s assistant from the hospital called the deputy later Sunday afternoon and reported that medical staff had determined that the victim suffered “serious bodily injury.”

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