Creating more terrorism |

Creating more terrorism

Dear Editor:The New York Times reports that a new militant Islamic organization called Fatah al Islam has set up operations to train fighters and teach al Qaida’s ideology in a refugee camp in Lebanon. The group’s leader, Shakir al-Abssi, was born in Palestine, from where he and family were evicted by the Israelis.During a recent interview, Abssi said that America needed to be punished for its presence in the Islamic world. “The only way to achieve our rights is by force. This is the way America deals with us. So when the Americans feel that their lives and their economy are threatened, they will know that they should leave. We have every legitimate right to do such acts, for isn’t it America that comes to our region and kills innocents and children? It is our right to hit them in their homes the same as they hit us in our homes. I want to ask, is someone who detonates one kilogram a terrorist while someone who detonates tons in Arab and Islamic cities not a terrorist?”The group’s deputy commander, Abu Sharif, said, “The U.S. is oppressing a lot of people. They are killing a lot of innocents, but one day they are getting paid back. Today’s youth, when they see what is happening in Palestine and Iraq, it enthuses them to join the way of the right and jihad.”Do we need any more proof that the Israeli occupation and America’s “War on Terror” are creating more terrorism?Sue GrayCarbondale