Crazy like a fox, or a tourist |

Crazy like a fox, or a tourist

For those who have never worked in a newsroom, the police scanner can be a source of both important stories and plenty of idle chatter. On Tuesday, the machine crackled with a call that attracted some staff attention.

A few diligent staffers were tapping away at their computers, wishing they were cutting the fluff on Aspen Mountain, when a call went out about a fox cornered in an alley, attracting a crowd and “exhibiting strange behavior.”

Most of us see foxes in and around Aspen from time to time, whether downtown or near the base of Smuggler or out by the golf course. Our local foxes aren’t quite domesticated ” they don’t heel on command ” but they’re fairly accustomed to people.

So the ever-curious Times staff members wondered what “strange behavior” this little fur ball was exhibiting. They hovered around the scanner and listened for more information, but the cops must have solved the problem without any major trouble.

So the speculation commenced. Was he snarling for food scraps? Was he dancing in ski boots? Was he chasing someone’s poodle? None of these seemed plausible.

But everyone in the office has noticed an awful lot of fur in town lately. Since the fox was reportedly “attracting a crowd,” we wondered if some animal-wearing tourist had the creature’s mother, father or sibling wrapped around their shoulders.

Aspen’s ongoing fur show already resembles some cult/horror film. Think how it’d look to a fox.

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