Coyotes get a bad rap |

Coyotes get a bad rap

Dear Editor:

“Conceit and false pride prevents the rise of remorse for it’s crime.” ” Albert Einstein

I saw Paul Conrad’s photo of Gary Egloff dressed up in his ridiculous coyote-skin jacket (Jan. 1). I tried to ignore it for the past four days, but I can’t.

Maybe people don’t realize that taking pleasure in the annihilation of another being is the very essence of the sadistic drive. The intoxication of prosperity is no reason to condone such barbaric cruelty.

Coyotes have been (and are being) shot and tortured across the country, and even in our own backyards. Here on the western slope, ranchers take delight in shooting them (and other predators) on sight. I’ve found numerous skinned carcasses thrown in Dumpsters and left to rot. I’ve found numerous traps (at least 10) with parts of legs left behind after the animals have chewed them off to get out. I’ve seen locals set trap lines and not check them for weeks. The immigrant farm workers around here seem to prefer snares … another miserable way to die.

To make matters worse, local dogs are doing some of the killing. I saw two domestic dogs eating two different sheep in the past week. I’ll bet coyotes get blamed. …

Wearing fur and promoting the “fashion” perpetuates the violence against animals, and lines the pockets of those who would profit from it.

Of course, if your elephantine greed and vanity are not bothered by the torture of these animals, then never mind.

Bernie Boettcher


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