Coyote made scapegoat for natural behavior |

Coyote made scapegoat for natural behavior

Dear Editor:

Now that “Wily Coyote” and family have exercised their proper, natural, predatory instincts in stalking and feeding upon “Fifi,” the unleashed critter, in the surrounding Aspen wilderness, one learns that the once-respected Colorado Division of Wildlife no longer considers Wily, in his God-given natural habitat, to be a wild creature.

For Wily (God forbid), having been denied his own free-will instinct, became a member of the human realm, an “urban creature.”

And, due to the incursion of the interloping urban/suburban human article, lacking in experience, knowledge, and common sense concerning his surroundings, a complete re-structuring of vocabulary has been introduced so as to encourage and enforce a newly revised relationship between man and nature.

While one certainly “feels” for the distraught owner’s loss of her domestic pet, it must also be understood that incorrect political and economic decisions brought about this event.

The continuing destruction of wildlife on the part of governmental agencies in support of moneyed interests reveals ignorance within the citizenry and its leadership.

And, it should not go unnoticed, during this recent period world-wide, that nature is finally striking back at man for his repeated sins and crimes committed against it.

Art Allard


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