Covid-19 cases climb to 14 in Criminal Justice center outbreak in Rifle |

Covid-19 cases climb to 14 in Criminal Justice center outbreak in Rifle

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There are 14 total confirmed cases and five probable cases at the Criminal Justice Center outbreak in Rifle as of Friday afternoon.

In a news release, Garfield County reports that 10 clients and four staffers are confirmed to have the coronavirus while four clients and one staffer probable cases awaiting test results.

“Several of the new cases are in clients that had been furloughed and living away from the facility for seven days or longer,” the release states. “Two of the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) clients that furloughed a week ago reported this morning that they have new positive tests. They are living in a group setting in Rifle with a CDOC client that had previously tested positive.”

Garfield County contracted a company to sanitize the entire criminal justice center building on Wednesday, and the company “will continue to conduct sanitizations, while equipment is en route for internal and frequent sanitizations by staff,” according to the release.

With many clients now furloughed away from the facility, there is enough space to isolate future positive cases in one wing, the release states. The Colorado Department of Public Health’s Rapid Response Team has increased the rate of testing of all clients and staff to twice weekly.

“The next round of results is expected Monday,” the release states. “The team is going to retest every three days until they have one round of negatives; then will test every seven days until two negative rounds occur.”