Cover-up at City Hall? |

Cover-up at City Hall?

Dear Editor:

Pitkin and other counties have accepted that the Court of Appeals decision states the law is the law, and so will cooperate in CORA requests.

City of Aspen, in contrast, apparently persists in its fantasy that it can persuade the Colorado Supreme Court to take up the case and decide in its favor, perhaps seeking a remand, resulting in a trial, and on and on for years and years and dollars and more and more of our dollars. To what end? To hide something? What else is one to suspect? But to hide what?

Now citizens have to wonder (in large part because of the city’s own statements) whether the city knows how you voted. Anyone who is under that impression is likely intimidated if he has a development project, a zoning request, an affordable housing application or a job application into the city. Why would the city want to blow away that lever on the citizens by settling once and for all whether they really do know?

That is as good an explanation as I can come up with as to why they are fighting this.

Maurice Emmer


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