Courage and credibility lacking with Burlingame |

Courage and credibility lacking with Burlingame

Dear Editor:

Where’s the courage?

The reports on the debacle surrounding Burlingame are more frightening by the day. The problem is more complex than a fraudulent election brochure associated with the 2005 election campaign.

Not only do we have a credibility problem with our elected officials, we have a serious credibility problem with city staff that directs and manages the project and the funds. How can responsible leaders not notice costs are exceeding budgets (and voter expectations) by millions and millions of dollars (especially when the costs were fixed)? When information is inadequate and/or inaccurate, our city leaders and their staff must have the courage to speak up. Where were those voices?

The problem is lack of courage. Surely, someone now will have the courage to speak up with explanations about why things are so out of whack. May the current Budget Task Force have the courage to do the right thing by immediately disclosing to the public what they learn! This is the first step in healing the credibility crisis.

The size of this credibility issue measured in dollars and time (considering how long it has taken for this to come to light) is worthy of a visit from “60 Minutes”!

Looking for answers …

Penney Evans Carruth