Courage and consideration |

Courage and consideration

Dear Editor:

Re: “Thank you for the food” (Aspen Times, Nov. 23) and “Sharing is caring” (Aspen Daily News, Nov. 23).

Mr. Jim Markalunas is a real pillar of the Aspen community.

I have done volunteer work since before I was in first grade. So when Mr. Markalunas asked me to volunteer with him to generate nutritional and pecuniary donations for “Feed My Sheep Ministry” operating in Glenwood Springs, I did so.

Mr. Markalunas was most enjoyable to work with. His gregarious personality and excellent salesmanship approach was uplifting because they are similar to mine, so his leadership helped bring out my best efforts, creativity and encouragement of others.

Also Mr. Markalunas’ sales presentation and applied exhibition psychology added to my own store house of salesmanship.

It takes courage and proper thoughtful consideration to generate donations unencumbered by those who seek to sabotage your efforts or who lack the proper salesmanship outlook. I have seen fear of rejection break many a person or traumatize individuals.

In addition, the same courage and proper thoughtful consideration, when applied to raising funds for charity, investment pools, venture capital and business undertakings, produce much sounder results and minimize risks.

OPM (other people’s money or other people’s material resources) used in an enterprise is a sacred trust, even though nothing is totally guaranteed. At least you are more assured integrity, accounting controls and best efforts will be operating at all times despite good and bad circumstances arising whether they are anticipated or not.

I do encourage others, unemployed and employed, during these coming days to volunteer with Mr. Markalunas to drum up monetary donations for both the Salvation Army and the Aspen Rotary Club. I guarantee, if you are studious and like self-improvement, you will gain much from exposure to Mr. Markalunas’ sound salesmanship expressed with determined and useful actions.

Fortune favors the bold.

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.