County to weigh in on Burlingame |

County to weigh in on Burlingame

Naomi Havlen

Pitkin County commissioners will consider passing a resolution to support the Burlingame affordable housing project at their scheduled meeting today.The resolution was brought before the county commissioners by Commissioner Mick Ireland, a staunch proponent of the project. County Manager Hilary Smith said commissioners often draft resolutions on issues that are important to the community.In the draft resolution, reasons for their support are listed, focusing primarily on the development’s location within the urban growth boundary as defined by the 2000 Aspen Area Community Plan. The boundary is defined as an area in which “urban levels of development should be located because this is where centralized services are available” like water, sewer and bus service.Other reasons include: The project is close to available mass transit, does not promote sprawl and would help ease an existing shortfall of 995 employee housing units estimated in the 2002 Aspen Affordable Housing Strategic Plan.”It is the policy of the county to ensure the existence of a supply of desirable and affordable housing for persons employed in Pitkin County, senior citizens, the handicapped and other qualified persons of Pitkin County,” the resolution states.Commissioner Jack Hatfield said at a Tuesday work session that he will support the resolution because the project is within the urban growth boundary. Commissioner Patti Clapper said she has some questions about the resolution and will ask for further discussion.Naomi Havlen’s e-mail is

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