County needs to stand up to property owner |

County needs to stand up to property owner

The following letter was sent to the Pitkin County Board of Commissioners.

Dear Editor:

As a property owner in Basalt, the recent newspaper articles were most disconcerting (“County drawn into midvalley trail dispute,” Feb. 9, The Aspen Times)

What became clear is that, if I am ever approached to convey an easement, I certainly would be most reluctant to do so, considering what is taking place between owners of Happy Day Ranch and the new, not-so-nice neighbors.

From what I have read as well as from discussions with others, it appears that one can convey easements to the county with restrictions, only to have those stipulations potentially disregarded at some point in the future.

From what I have ascertained, an easement was given by Ginny Parker to Pitkin County in 2005. The easement prohibits dogs, mountain bikes and motorized uses. Honestly, who would want these sorts of activities running through one’s back yard? Clearly a gift with restrictions should be honored by all for all time. Instead, as a consequence of her generosity, Ms. Parker is now being forced into court to spend thousands of her own dollars to fight for her rights. The county needs to step in, and quickly, before more costs are incurred by this generous woman.

Mr. Waldeck is anything but a good neighbor and I hope never to have such an avaricious individual move into my neighborhood. I encourage the commissioners to see through his attempts to extort the county by stating that, if he doesn’t get his way he will develop the land. One article reads, “Motorized access for the cattle operation is essential, according to Waldeck.” This is ridiculous. If he can’t herd his domestic animals the old-fashioned way, maybe he shouldn’t have bought into the operation in the first place.

Further, I find it arrogant and insulting to those of us who live near this pristine acreage for Mr. Waldeck to file a “quite title” action in order to allow “motorized hunting access for Rory Cerise and his friends.” Do we need to make it easier for hunters to get to locations where they can kill wildlife? My hunting buddies will tell you, “the friends” really means folks up for lots of partying.

I implore the commissioners to step up, take over the defense of this outrageous lawsuit, or the county risks loss of future easements.

Nancy K. Bosshard


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