County manager McFall to retire Feb. 3 |

County manager McFall to retire Feb. 3

Staff report

Eagle County Manager Brent McFall has announced he will retire from the position as of Feb. 3. He has held the post since March 2015.

In his resignation letter to the Eagle County Board of Commissioners, McFall reflected on his 40-plus years in government.

“Throughout the many years, I have always been sustained by a true passion for local government service, and I want to retire while that passion remains intact,” he said. “It has been my pleasure to spend these last two years as Eagle County’s county manager, which has put a nice cap on my local government experience.”

During his tenure at Eagle County, McFall shepherded a comprehensive strategic planning process which has guided county decision-making over the past 15 months.

“Brent has helped us to lay out a direction for the county for years to come,” said Commissioner Jeanne McQueeney. “His assistance in creating a strategic plan with measurable outcomes has been invaluable.”

McFall will receive a retirement package of four months, which is commensurate with those previously offered to employees of his rank within the organization. No plans have yet been made for filling the county manager position.


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