County caucuses kick off today |

County caucuses kick off today

Aspen Times writer

Party caucuses for Pitkin County Democrats and Republicans will be held today.

Precinct committee members and delegates to county assemblies will be elected from each precinct. The county parties will also decide on platform issues to be considered by the state parties.

The Pitkin County Democrats are all scheduled to meet at 6 p.m. at The Common House, 701 Independence Place in Aspen. Beer, wine and food will be provided for those who show up early.

Pitkin County Republicans living in precincts 1 through 9 meet tonight at 7 p.m. at Aspen Square, 617 East Cooper Ave. Precinct 10 residents are scheduled for the same time at The Crystal Club, 467 Redstone Blvd., Redstone.

Registered voters who wish to participate in their local caucus but who are unsure of their precinct number should contact party chairpersons. Republican contacts include Linda McCausland at 925-4216 and Jeannette Consor at 927-0101. Democrats seeking more information can call Shawn Ufer at 379-9794 or Camilla Auger at 544-0745.

To vote you must have been affiliated with a party since Feb. 13 and a resident of your precinct since March 14, unless you have just reached 18 years of age or have just become a naturalized citizen.

If you have moved into a new precinct 30 days prior to any caucus, go to the precinct of your former residence. You are eligible to vote, but are not eligible for election as a delegate or for nomination as a precinct committee person.

People who move within 30 days of the caucus must change their address with the county clerk and recorder’s office. The clerk will provide a certificate of registration, which is required to participate at your new precinct.

Election judges are also selected to staff the precinct polls for the August primary and November general elections. The pay is $120 for the day plus a lunch per diem.


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