Country group The Powell Brothers return to the Silver City stage |

Country group The Powell Brothers return to the Silver City stage

The Powell Brothers bring their modern country sound back to Aspen.

The Powell Brothers had such a good time ringing in a new year before the pandemic at Silver City Mountain Saloon, the modern country band was more than happy to come back Friday, Jan. 13.

“We did a New Year’s party a few years ago at Silver City, and it was complete insanity. So, we are big fans of both Aspen and that venue. Everyone took such great care of us,” said Blake Powell.

The group fronted by brothers Taylor (lead vocals, guitar, bass) and Blake Powell (vocals, bass, guitar), accompanied by Mike Smith (drums and backing vocals), mark their return to Aspen in support of their Winter Out West Tour.

The Powells, who grew up in Kingwood, Texas, have their father and uncle to thank for instilling a deep love of music, along with the encouragement to pursue it at a young age.

“Our first introduction to playing music was because our dad volunteered to play at the local church,” said Blake Powell. “We would go with him every week, and, eventually, we’re like, ‘Hey, can we play, too?’ The answer was ‘Absolutely, yes.’ I was 14 and got guitar lessons, and Taylor started out on drums. Our uncle introduced us to bluegrass and gypsy jazz and all these different styles. We did fortunately get to grew up around a lot of people who just love music, and people who were also good at music.”

The Powell Brothers perform at State Fair of Texas.

The brothers began their music careers touring in 2006 as hired backing musicians while both were still in high school. Post-graduation, both briefly attended Berklee College of Music and continued to tour as backup musicians until officially forming their group in 2014.

With a blend of genres ranging from country to rock to Americana, coupled with thoughtful lyrics, they have garnered a diverse following. The band has released 11 singles, four EPs, and one full-length album to date.

Both brothers are singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, often interchanging instruments during their live performances with one or the other playing guitar, bass, drums, or synth.

They describe their sound as “The Eagles meet Tom Petty with Vince Gill singing lead.”  

The decade they spent touring with a variety of other musicians prepared them to play diverse genres of music on any given night, they said.

Blake and Taylor Powell come from a family of musicians.

“We have a lot of tunes that we play that are ours, but, on the right night, we’ll throw in some covers, and we play a range of everything from Merle Haggard to Bruno Mars when we do,” said Taylor Powell. “And so, I mean, we are high-energy, country rock. Good, fun times.”

Even though working with family can be complicated, the brothers said they are mindful about settling arguments in a healthy way and respecting each other’s creative vision, noting that, when disagreements arise, they remember to work through things together, staying focused on their collective goals, and enjoying the ride.

“We’re in the process of working on new record right now, and we’re very excited about it, but our entire passion is in traveling, getting in front of people, and playing music live, said Blake Powell.  “We want everybody to have a good time and make good memories and enjoy being there.”

The Powell Brothers play at 9:30 p.m. on Friday at the Silver City in Aspen.
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What: Powell Brothers
Where: Silver City, Aspen
When: Friday, Jan. 13, 9:30 p.m.
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