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Country first

Dear Editor:

To all those who have unjustly criticized and victimized Governor Sarah Palin and Senator John McCain: It’s obvious you all only care about yourselves, your personal agenda and feelings. You care nothing about our country, family and our democratic system. Our forefathers are turning over in their graves to see you destroy the very principles that this country was built on over 200 years ago.

Name calling, degrading, insulting will get you nowhere. Remember:

1. Country first (no matter what party you belong to).

2. Safety and welfare of our families.

3. Loyalty, sincerity, and kindness are not bad for building character.

I have been in this community full-time for 24 years. I have done a lot of community services and had given my money and time all these years. I love this country, perfect or not perfect. Please don’t destroy it by all your negative vibes. I am from Communist country and my husband’s father came from Socialist country.

Trust me, you do not want that kind of government and that kind of life. Life without liberty, honor and freedom … then, what do you have?

Madeleine Larson


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