Country duo Muscadine Bloodline to play Belly Up on Saturday

Shannon Asher
Special to The Aspen Times
Country duo, Muscadine Bloodline will make their Aspen debut at Belly Up on Saturday.
Matt Turpin/Courtesy photo

Country music enthusiasts, get ready for a night of red clay country, southern rock, and unfiltered authenticity as Muscadine Bloodline makes their highly anticipated debut at Belly Up on Saturday, Nov. 18.

Comprising the musical talents of Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster, this pair has been strumming chords together and crafting a musical connection that has evolved into a force to be reckoned with in the country music scene.

Muscadine Bloodline’s journey began in early 2016 in their hometown of Mobile, Alabama. Since then, they have earned a reputation for high-energy live performances, catapulting them from coast to coast with a sound that seamlessly blends the brash irreverence of southern rock with the seductive quality of ’90s country love songs.

Belly Up Aspen, an intimate 450-person venue, will be the stage for an unforgettable night of music. When asked about their venue preferences, he duo shared, “We like all venues and new places. We are really looking forward to connecting with some fans in Aspen; it’s going to be a really cool experience.”

Describing their unique sound as “red clay country, southern rock, but just our own sound,” the bad defies easy categorization. Gary’s harmonies and masterful guitar licks complement Charlie’s contemporary vocals, resulting in a powerfully refreshing mix of talent and passion.

The duo currently calls Nashville home. Reflecting on their musical journey, they shared, “We met playing at a bar one night and decided we should try to do this together.”

Curious about the band’s name?

“Muscadine is a grape grown in the southern parts of the country, where we live, and bloodline is like heritage, where we come from,” they explained.

The year 2023 has been prolific for the country duo. They started with the release of their biggest album to date, “Teenage Dixie,” in February, followed by the fan-favorite “Teenage Angst EP” in June, featuring stripped-back covers of pop-punk classics.

Their third album, “Teenage Dixie,” delves into their Alabama roots, with lyrics and themes inspired by the landscapes of their upbringing. Explaining the decision to highlight their hometown on the album, they said, “This just felt comfortable for us, and we wanted to put a body of work together that best describes who we are and where we come from.”

Not slowing down, the duo is back in the studio, teasing fans with new songs on social media. They recently released two new singles, “Weyerhaeuser Land” and “Low Hangin’ Fruit,” giving a taste of their upcoming record.

In their own words: “These are the first two songs and first taste of the record we are finishing right now as we speak. It’s going to be fun to watch these stories and songs unfold. We’ve never been this excited and sure about the music we are making!”

With these two, new songs, Muscadine Bloodline picks up right where they left off, offering sonically diverse songs that tell stories through lyricism and catchy choruses. Beyond the music, what makes the duo exceptional is the plethora of content surrounding their music, from music videos to stories behind the songs, clips from live shows, and more.

When asked about their favorite songs to perform live, the guys expressed their enjoyment of high-energy tracks like “Me On You” and their latest single, “Low Hangin’ Fruit.”

For those unfamiliar with the duo, they assured, “The audience can expect an energetic, captivating show with strong harmonies and raw music that hopefully makes everyone a fan.”

So, if you’re ready for an evening of red clay country, southern rock, and a taste of Muscadine Bloodline’s unique sound, Belly Up is the place to be on Nov. 18. Don’t miss the chance to witness this dynamic duo in action and be part of a musical experience that promises to leave you wanting more.

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